Case Studies

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Our 80 years experience in health care helps us understand both the details and trends of the industry – focusing on how to improve your bundled payment plan profit performance.

Case Study: Immediate Results — Better Portal

One hospital system, frustrated with its results from another data service, switched to MedBen Analytics. This client found immediate results – expanding the number of people with access to their data just by using the MedBen Analytics portal.

Data Helps Client Discover a “Disturbing Trend”

A review of post-acute cost and stay lengths brought out a disturbing trend in skilled nursing use – it appeared that patients were consistently assigned to lengthy and costly skilled nursing stays.

Data Helps Client Improve Post-Acute Care

Using the average cost and stay data, the system and its physicians revised their discharge process to ensure patient received the most appropriate post-acute care.

Result: Happier Patients, Big Savings

The result was happier patients and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for the health system.

Case Study: MedBen Helps Customer Health System Improve Status and Services

A major metropolitan health system leveraged information from MedBen Analytics to:

  • Expand its participation in value-based care programs
  • Improve care for patients
  • Land two of its hospitals in the top 100 performers category for the first performance year of the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement

Reports Helped Benefit ALL Clients
MedBen Analytics worked with the system to develop cost and care reports that improved results for all MedBen Analytics clients.

MedBen Analytics – A Crucial Partner to Client’s Success
“I can’t say enough about the role MedBen Analytics played in our success,” said their Director of Strategy and Business Development.

Case Study: Gainshare Program Snag

When a large East Coast health system had savings to share with physicians who were integral to the success of their bundled payment program, then ran into a problem. Their current analytics provider couldn’t calculate or manage gainshare payments. A peer health system connected this health system with MedBen Analytics.

MedBen Analytics Data Led to Solution

Within two weeks of their new partnership with MedBen Analytics, the client was able to solve the problem. With a new, clear understanding of the data, gainshare payments were calculated, reviewed and readied so the system could deliver on its promise to providers.


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