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The bottom line – We help you understand data to make more money from bundled payments
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How Executive Leadership Benefit from MedBen Analytics

Our software platform was designed with one purpose – to help you profitably navigate bundled payments. It enables easy examination of payments v. costs per bundled payment service line, which will help you outperform the Medicare bundled payment target price.

Are you examining the data-driven relationship between quality scores and readmissions? Are you providing too many post acute care services?

Whatever questions matter to you, we present data according to the unique characteristics of your system and what really matters.

MedBen Analytics delivers dozens of helpful reports that give you access to the data and insights you need.

There are TWO KEY ELEMENTS to consider when using reports from MedBen Analytics:

  1. All reports are easily exportable into a PowerPoint deck, Word or PDF document, or Excel spreadsheet with ONE CLICK. This allows you to get the key information you need to communicate to stakeholders QUICKLY and EASILY
  2. Our reports go from the Treetops to the Trenches. If you’re looking for a summary report with just high level information we’ve got you covered. If you want specific information about a claim, we can go all the way down to the claim line level with just a few clicks.

Reports our Executive Leadership Customers Depend On:

  • Summary Report – Cost Type Averages
  • Readmission by MS-DRG
  • NPRA (Net Payment Reconciliation Amount)

6 Ways You Can Benefit from MedBen Analytics

Your understanding of CMS data offers you insights that lead to these 6 real benefits:

1.Know Your Place and Improve It

You will understand how your rank against your peers, where to improve and confidently proclaim your strengths – all backed by data.

2.Create New Action Plans

Your new insights will be so precise you can create action plans to improve your offerings, expand your businesses and be more competitive.

3.Elevate Your Team’s Knowledge

You will lead your organization to share a new common vocabulary – inspired and based on informed understanding of real data – elevating every stakeholder’s ability to contribute to improvements and increased profitability.

4.Sharpen Your Own Industry Intellect

You will deepen your own professional knowledge if you choose — learning the data that reports insights from surgical performance to post-acute care performance, readmission rates and beyond. Our experts will work with you to determine the extent of what level of data learning works best for your plans.

5.The More You Measure, the Better You Manage

Your understanding of data empowers you to measure and manage adjustments and new initiatives that are a win-win for all. They can improve the patient experience, improve population health and reduce the cost of care.

6.We’re More Than Just Data – We’re Your Team

Consider MedBen Analytics an extension of your team. Our knowledge becomes your knowledge. You will benefit from our expertise, as well as from the growing experience of our other clients. As we receive feedback from all our clients, we update our portal, providing improved insights that make us better…and make your leadership even stronger.