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How MedBen Analytics Helps Hospitals

Bundled payments have replaced fee-for-service in CJR, and are already replacing fee-for-service in other service lines like cardiovascular and oncology.

As health care economics evolve, bundled payments will be the standard for how reimbursements work – if you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re behind.

If you’re one of the hospitals currently under CMS’s Bundled Payment Program for CJR you know that if you manage well your hospital stands to gain. If you don’t, you could face significant losses.

The MedBen Analytics bundled payment software platform gathers, organizes and helps you
interpret the data you need to keep and make more money from the Medicare Bundled Payment Programs.

Are you examining the data-driven relationship between quality scores and readmissions? Are you providing too many post acute care services? Whatever questions matter to you, we present data according to the unique characteristics of your system and what really matters.

MedBen Analytics delivers dozens of helpful reports that give you access to the data and insights you need.

  1. All reports are easily exportable into a PowerPoint deck, Word or PDF document, or Excel spreadsheet with ONE CLICK. This allows you to get the key information you need to communicate to stakeholders QUICKLY and EASILY
  2. Our reports go from the Treetops to the Trenches. If you’re looking for a summary report with just high level information we’ve got you covered. If you want specific information about a claim, we can go all the way down to the claim line level with just a few clicks.

Our Most Popular Reports

  • Summary Report – Cost Type Averages
  • Risk Track Adjustment Report
  • Risk Track Display
  • Readmission by MS-DRG
  • Readmission Reason by MS-DRG
  • NPRA (Net Payment Reconciliation Amount)

3 Ways MedBen Analytics Insights Can Help You

1.Improve Efficiency

Our software focuses on a systemic approach to improvement through:

  • Data presentation
  • Audience-specific reports/dashboards
  • Benchmarking (internal and external)
  • Insights (from surgeon performance to post-acute care performance and readmission rates.

2.Improve Your Market Positioning

Understanding CMS data helps you maintain your competitive edge, take the lead or manage new efficiencies to become more competitive.

  • Protect your leadership position by understanding data and staving off competitors
  • The data reveals your strengths – we’ll show you where you are strong so you can leverage those qualities and stand out
  • Your successes and expertise can be backed up by data and insights that build powerful strategies

3.Improve Outcomes

Health care services are shifting to an outcome-based and quality-of-care model. MedBen Analytics data and coaching can help you:

  • Understand fine details of your successes
  • Focus on areas of improvement
  • Make actionable plans to adjust and improve the patient experience
  • Ultimately improve population health and reduce the cost of care