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It’s Time Bundled Payments Worked for You
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The MedBen Analytics software platform focuses on four key drivers


From system level to individual service, uncover inefficiencies and make improvements throughout the patient journey.


Value-based care is here… are you ready? MedBen Analytics is designed to help you navigate bundled payments and unlock more value.


Payments are shrinking, and costs are not. MedBen Analytics quickly delivers the data, and the insights to unlock your profit potential.



MedBen has been a leader in benefits management since 1938. We know how to get claims paid – and how money moves in health care.

This unique and experienced perspective delivers actionable insights that turn your data into decisions – and dollars.

Data Presentation

Our audience-specific reports and dashboards help various stakeholders make better decisions.

Data Insights

We break down insights from surgeon performance to post-acute care, performance and readmission rates, and other categories.

Action Plan

What’s your next step once you understand what the data means? We’ll help you weigh the options and create a plan.


How well is your plan working? We can help you compare your past and present results – from efficiencies to profits – and strategize for the future.

Why MedBen Analytics?

6 Ways We Help You Increase Bundled Payments Profits

1.MedBen Analytics understands payers

Our decades of benefits experience means we know how claims get paid and why they are rejected. Now, this wisdom is built into our software platform – taking CMS data plus revealing how this data impacts hospital finances.

2.MedBen Analytics understands the continuum of care

Bundled payments – common in orthopedics – are expanding into new service lines, each with a different continuum of care. MedBen Analytics understands them all. Our insight can help unlock more saving for you.

3.MedBen Analytics understands industry pressure

Bundled payments are a growing trend that will greatly expand over the next decade. Some providers will see this and capitalize on bundled payments by improving efficiencies and increase profit. Don’t be left behind – let us help.

4.MedBen Analytics understands profit (and risk)

As costs for care skyrocket and payments dwindle, you need data to identify service lines and/or staff that drag down hospital profit. We deliver the data and insights that unlock your profit potential.

5.MedBen Analytics understands that change is hard

Inefficiencies touch every part of the hospital, but MedBen Analytics’ software solution helps you identify what the real, financial impact of those inefficiencies are. Clear numbers inform decision makers to make smart choices.

6.MedBen Analytics understands how to get claims paid

MedBen is a full-service claims payor. We know how and why claims are paid and denied – we understand how money moves in health care. Using this expertise, we can cut through red tape and get straight to the action of paying claims.

I can’t say enough about the role MedBen Analytics played in our success.

Director of Strategy and Business Development