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How MedBen Analytics Helps Businesses & Institutions

If you’re self-funded, you know that every dollar you save goes straight to the bottom line. With health care costs continuing to rise you need to continue to look for ways to be smarter and more efficient.

Our software platform enables your business or organization to easily examine the payments and the costs associated with every joint replacement surgery you’ve paid for and help you benchmark against regional and industry-wide trends.

MedBen Analytics delivers dozens of helpful reports that give you access to the data and insights you need.

  1. All reports are easily exportable into a PowerPoint deck, Word or PDF document, or Excel spreadsheet with ONE CLICK. This allows you to get the key information you need to communicate to stakeholders QUICKLY and EASILY
  2. Our reports go from the Treetops to the Trenches. If you’re looking for a summary report with just high level information we’ve got you covered. If you want specific information about a claim, we can go all the way down to the claim line level with just a few clicks.

4 Ways You Can Benefit from MedBen Analytics

1.Reduce Costs

Insights you acquire from understanding your data can improve your cost position. By understanding the costs along the continuum of care, your organization can look for improvements, put pressure on vendors, identify new vendors and save money.

2.Gain Insights

You’re spending a considerable amount of money on joint replacement surgeries every year. MedBen Analytics software will help you benchmark your organization against regional and industry trends to see where you stack up.

3.Improve Care

Compare your organization to industry competitors. This will give you an opportunity to determine if you’re providing the best value to your employees and more importantly the best care.

4.Data Made Meaningful by Experts

MedBen Analytics experts know the bundled payment system thoroughly. The CMS data we guide you through is made more meaningful by our insights and the consulting we provide can help you make decisions that impact efficiency and profitability.