Nearly every state currently has or is implementing a value-based model, new research says. MedBen Analytics extends even further than that – our bundled payment reporting platform provides actionable insights to hospitals and health systems nationwide.

Even though MedBen calls Ohio home, our clients can be found as far west as California and in many places in-between. We designed our software to help providers interpret applicable Medicare data so they can maximize the value of bundled payments regardless of location.

With MedBen Analytics, users can quickly access and explore variations in the cost of care at all points in the episode. Real-time reports take just seconds to run and enable you to drill down and find opportunities to uncover inefficiencies and make improvements throughout the patient journey.

Moreover, our propriety software leverages the client experience by expanding report options for all clients based on the request of any client. This approach allows all clients to gain from the experience of other clients.

Whether you’re based in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine (or anywhere else), MedBen Analytics will work for your benefit. Learn more by visiting or schedule a demonstration by contacting MedBen President & CEO Kurt Harden at 888-633-2364 or