Just a brief reminder that the best way to see the actionable insights that MedBen Analytics offers to hospitals, health systems and physician groups is to schedule a demonstration of our bundled payment software platform.

During the demo, which typically takes between 45 to 60 minutes, a team member will guide you through the MedBen Analytics reporting portal and highlight some of its features… among them:

Drill-down capability. Look at summary reports that give you the big picture, or click on graphs and tables to get more detailed information – right down to specific claims data.

Benchmarking. See how you compare to local and regional competition as well as measuring your own past and present results, to help you strategize for the future.

Portability. All reports are easily exportable into a PowerPoint deck, Word or PDF document, or Excel spreadsheet with one click.

Customization. We can create specialized reports based on your organization’s specific needs.

The demo is free and requires no further obligation on your part. We expect that once you’ve seen MedBen Analytics in action, the advantages will speak for themselves. To schedule a demo, simply call MedBen President & CEO Kurt Harden at 888-633-2364 or email kharden@medben.com.